Uru Punyakavu Sree Durga Bhagavathi KSHETHRAM


Uru Punyakavu Sree Durga Bhagavathi Kshethram

Moodadi Urupunyakavu Temple is one of the 108 Durga Temples built by Lord Parasurama for the well-being and prosperity of the state of Kerala. It is situated 850 meters from Moodadi town between the Kozhikode –Kannur NH on a hill side near the “OHM” shaped Arabian Sea.

This temple is known as Oru Punyakavu, Urupunyakavu and Gurupunyakavu. To protect the land from the fury of the sea during Monsoon season, Lord Parasurama created this temple with Goddess Jaladurga as a main deity and Lord Ayyappa and Lord Ganesh as other deities. Five sacred ponds filled with holy water are situated in these premises. One such pond is situated inside the temple and holy water from this pond is used for all the poojas and other rituals here. Though the temple is situated on a hill top, it is a miracle that only one foot digging can bring water holes on these premises.

Amavasi or new moon day in Karkkidakam is called Karkkidaka Vavu and is famous for Pithru Tharppana or Vavubali. Vavubali is a significant rite, which is performed, in this temple for the sake of the souls of ancestors and intimates. Bali-tharpanam will be held with religious fervor at this temple. Usually Lakhs of people including women and children will offer ‘bali' at specially arranged ‘balippura' on the banks of the holy sea and ponds. Hindus believe that the ritual performed on the new moon day in the month of Karkidakom will propitiate the spirits of their forefathers and bring good fortune in the year ahead. Purana's prescribe that pithrubali (offerings for ancestors) is the most noble deed one should do in this life. It is believed that human body maintains the characteristics of 40 previous generations and hence it is expected that one pays homage to as many as well as the Gurus and Maha Rishi’s who are guiding us.

As this temple is also very famous for these Balitharpanam like Thirunelly temple, thousands of people come here to offer Bali during the Vavu days on Kumbham, Thulam and Karkidakom and also to offer tharpanam on 16th and 40th days after death rituals.

As the deity is a combination of Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess VidhyaSwaroopini and Goddess Annapoorneshwary, devotees can conduct functions like Vidhyarambham, and Choroonu on all days at this temple.